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My Shared Space Startup. Chapter 3.

My Shared Space Startup. Chapter 3.

Broke, Tired and Frustrated.

Over those next few months I started contemplating drastic changes. The word from a friend in the film business in LA was I would need 10 years experience just to get my foot in the door – my one year on The Hobbit didn’t cut it.

So the plan then became to get more experience in New Zealand and save my pennies for the shift.

I found myself back on the harsh grind of hunting work from tiny Auckland studios that barely had enough for themselves, let alone a spot to be filled.

I couldn’t believe I was back where I was before the year in Wellington – scrapping together coins for dinner and having arguments with young film directors on what I thought my value was worth.

I remember feeling a fraction of doubt. It was the first time I was starting to ask myself, is it really all worth it?

It was time for a change.

What I didn’t realise was that this frustration was leading me to make a really positive change in my direction and in hindsight it was a really good thing. The lesson – let your frustration with a situation be the fuel to make a change.

You will find you move closer to what it is you really want.






  1. Hope all is well brother! Sounds like you are in a positive place now!

    • Thanks Luke. I hope you are too. I just watched an interview on your website. Nice work man. Keep it up!


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